I love going and getting Tula after she naps. Lately she's in a mood where she's extremely cuddly after she wakes up and eats. She'll just lay against me. I love it! I'm so grateful to have a cuddly baby! We actually spend a good chunk of time everyday just cuddling.


Prina Family said...

oh my that last one is so precious! She loves you so much! I love that blanket too (the one in her crib)

Melisa said...

That is the BEST!!!

Mauri said...

Tula is just too darn cute for words!

[Morgan] said...

SO cute.
i'm so glad you posted her stats. jonas was 16lbs 2 oz at 2 MONTHS if that gives you an idea of how chubby he was! ha ha ha.
tula is so so cute. really.

Taylor Family said...

That picture of you and Tula looking at each other is one of cutest things I've ever seen! Talk about capturing a beautiful moment.