oh the joy of pacifiers! All I have to say is this little tool works mighty wonders. Tula doesn't suck on it all the time, but when we are in need of soothing her or keeping her little trap shut this thing does the trick. ..... she does tend to loose it when she gets distracted noticing her hand, something she does lately. I love watching her notice her hands and feet, it's crazy how much babies learn and grow in the early months of their lives.
We often eat dinner out on our porch, and last night we felt entitled to do so. Tula wouldn't stop staring at my drink (like in the picture below). She's so into food lately! I just love it! She gets to a point where she can mimic your chewing (I know this is a stage all babies go through). She is starting to realize that when everyone is eating around her... she's the one totally left out. One of these days when she enjoys food so much she'll be mad at me for not introducing it to her sooner.
After dinner Chris and I played with her for a bit. I love when she looks up at whoever it talking to her. She was sure enjoying time with Daddy last night.


Melisa said...

Babies are so Fun! I always Love my kids at every age I am always telling my mom I think this age is so fun!!! It just gets better I think!

kwistin said...

oh, she's so adorable. i LOVED meeting her at target and seeing you, too! for sure-- lunch when steph gets back.

question, how can i look at your past posts on this blog? i wanted to see your reaction when tula was born again. i think it's so awesome and amazing when a brand new baby enters this world-- and now she's 4 (?) months old!

Erin said...

ya know my pediatrician said that big babies can start food early and she seriously sounds ready for it. I love feeding wes it's so fun seeing him try new things. p.s. my new camera is a little sony cybershot. it is great!

Mauri said...

I LOVE that picture of her in those shoes! It's fun to watch babies learn things & start to kind of understand what's going on around them. I'm sure she'll love it when she can eat real food :)