GIRL AFTER MY OWN HEART..... oh geez. I hope she doesn't find potato chips and fries to be a weakness as I do.
She actually was playing with this bag because she loved the sound it made... luckily it was empty.
The next picture is so perfect to portray how she loves to play with our faces. The other day Chris was laying so she could touch his face, she was so interested. Once he moved she threw a little fit. haha her fits are the cutest.


[Morgan] said...

okay... so i'm running out of ways to tell you how cute she is.
they are all so adorable.

Rachel and Todd said...

Whitney! I love all your photographs. Tula looks like such an awesome baby. We should get our babies together!

Brianne and Brandon said...

Hi Whitney! I am so excited to get to follow your blog, your little girl is adorable. How old is she now? I also have a HUGE love for french fries I think they are my favorite food :)Hope you are doing well. Where do you guys live?

Mauri said...

I too love french fries & potato chips. Yum. I'm sure she'll discover how great they are too one day! What cute pictures. And as always...Tula is so stinkin cute!