Got to love Stinker Pant's stretchy pants!
Why is it that stretchy pants are so adorable on babies,
with the big butts and all, but if an adult were to mosey around looking like this it would be FAR from cute.


Mauri said...

oh my goodness! Cutest ever!!! Babies can get away with a lot of things :) I'm totally diggin her outfit! Such a stylish babe Tula is!

Marie said...

WOW look at those fat legs! Where did she get all that chunk? I know it wasn't from you and Chris.

Kim Shepherd said...

Holy cow she is so freakin' cute!! She's the cutest baby besides mine of course :)

[Morgan] said...

HA! i LOVE stretchy pants!
especially tula stretchy pants:)

Kimberly Ngarupe said...

yeah, just for a couple weeks. my parents are going out of town so i'm going to babysit my little brother and sister.

jamestownboys said...

We call them "spankin" pants :) because you can't help but pat their cute little bums!!!


Amy said...

I love her. I love her. I love her.

You & Chris need a date night in Salt Lake City. Just drop Tula off with me :)

Oh and I got my undergrad. in international students with an emph. in communications. Getting my master's in communications. Pray for me.