So my mom headed up a 5K fundraiser for the school on Saturday.
Chris came in SECOND in his division haha. He did so good... coming in not too far behind some pretty intense runners (my dad included). Chris hardly ever runs, but his competitive side got the best of him.
I was the only lazy one that didn't run. Stinker Pants even participated.
She loves to intake calories more than burning them. We've been calling her the 'Milk Monster' lately, and I feel it fits perfectly.

I don't know what it is about Stinker Pants and sticking her hands in people's mouths.... But
she's always finding a way to sneak them hands in.


Melisa said...

Wahoo....good job Chris on comming in second! I think stinker is so smart to let others burn the calories for her!

Cortney Smith said...

Oh my, I just want to eat her!!

Taraleigh said...

What is it with babies and wanting to put their hands in silly places? Liliane keeps sticking her fingers in MY nose. GROSS! But cute. I'm sure Tula will be trying that out soon enough.

Spencer, Kristen & Emma Chamberlain said...

whitney! she is so dang cute! and growing so fast! i like your art too! you are really good.

Kari Ann said...

I need to see stinker pants, it's been way too long!

Mauri said...

Wow that's awesome he did so great! I'm loving that last picture. what a cutie. What is it with kids & putting their little fingers in people's mouths? haha