1&2. Little Chula bug discovered 'the flashlight' last night. She was quite impressed. The light is quite flattering on her curves.
3. Laying Chula down for the night. This is one of the best things to being a mom, being able to hold her when she's tired and affectionate. I could hold her all night.



Kari Ann said...

She is so cute! I love Tula trying to find the light on her face:)

.b.&.e. said...

i crave tula beaner!
man oh man. the first picture is sooo funny.
the second two are soo dang cute. hah.

The Red Crew said...

oh i love these pics...especially the one of you and her during those night time moments. How awesome that you have that documented! She is so beautiful Whitney! Hope you are doing well!

Mauri said...

I love how curious babies are. that one of you & her is so so sweet!

Nakita Ellis said...

That last picture is totally what makes being a mom so worth it. Pure love from your little one!

Taylor Family said...

That last picture is priceless. Those little moments are the best! Makes it all worth it.