1. Chula is so funny. She is a big KISSER. She kisses everything. The other day I was watching her without her knowing and she started kissing the door. The next morning she was sitting next to Chris' leg and she started hugging and kissing it. Yesterday I caught her kissing this bottle of lotion. She kisses her books, pictures, and toys. We're going to have to watch her when she's older hah!
2. Lately chula has been falling asleep when I tickle her. She loves being tickled and it puts her right out (almost always).
3. A game of PEEK A BOO under the sheets! I adore that face.



.b.&.e. said...

woahh. tula looks so pretttyyyy in the last one.

Lindsay said...

so cute! hahaha that makes me laugh that she kisses everything! maybe she is developing OCD and is going to have to kiss everything she comes in contact with . :) I love her, even though I have never met her!

Lindsay said...

o and one more thing, how do you round the corners of your pictures? I love the look

Taylors said...

I think you have a magical tickling power to put babies to sleep. It's never worked for me, but as soon as you started tickling Aubrey...she was out!

I just love the photos you take of Tula. She is such a cutie!

Nakita Ellis said...

I love that she kisses everything! So darling! What a pretty little girl!

Let's do do a play date at the Bean Museum. That would be WAY fun!! the kids would love it!

Jon and Jessica Bryant said...

You have a beautiful baby! It is the greatest being a mom! We need to get together sometime.