So along with finals I was busy preparing my work for multiple art shows. I got to have my work in three exhibitions and I finally have time to post about it. The last show Salon Style is still up, and the opening reception is Thursday night from 6-9. So if you want to see cool art and get free refreshments this is where you should be.

322 Jars on the Wall
1&2. Our Jar exhibit went real well. Out of the 322 jars, we sold around 300 of them. That's 3,000$ donated to the Utah Food Bank. For every 1$ donated it buys 5$ worth of food. So we raised $15,000 worth to be donated to those in need. This was a big sacrifice for everyone in the class. We spent the majority of the semester investing hours and hours into these 10x11 paintings just to give them away. Some of mine I painted 3-4 times until I was content with the outcome (some I was never happy). A big sacrifice, but so worth it.
And don't worry I definitely walked away having bought some myself, I bought 5 of my classmate's.

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1. My Digital art class had a show as well.
2. My piece is entitled "5 months in Europe", and it consists of scraps I collected while I lived in Ukraine traveling Europe. I collaged the scraps and arranged them in a calendar pattern representing days that I lived there and experiences I had. There are 132 circles representing the 4.5 months I was there. It's a journal of events!

Salon Style
1. Here is the poster advertisement for the show. This show is a collaboration of oil and watercolor students. There are very few watercolors so my watercolor totally stands out against the oils.
2. This is the structure which inspired all the paintings.

(Yes I'm still waiting to here back to see if this piece got into that New York show. I'm suppose to find out next month. Keep your fingers crossed!)