1. Chula's favorite game is hide and seek. Except in our house I hide and Chris brings Stinker around to find me. I'm so creative with my hiding that even Chris becomes perplexed.
2&3. Chula bug is making small attempts to crawl. She wants it so badly. She has even started pulling herself into the standing position. Who knows if she'll ever crawl. I'm hoping by 18 months haha



.b.&.e. said...

the little lovely lady will get the hang of it.

shes pretty driven, just put some food in front of her.
baha. i love her

Ariana said...

she'll be walking before she crawls!

Megan Miley and Chris said...

So you probably don't want my unsolicited advice but I'll say it and then you can throw it out the window. haha I hate when people give me advice when I didn't ask for it. Anyways, Miley almost didn't crawl, she crawled for like a week and then went straight to walking. My doctor and my mother in law were telling me that it is very important for them to do the physical crawling motions. It helps their brain mature and learn other things. It's the left arm right leg(opposite) motion that does it. So if she just skips crawling all together and just starts walking, go back and teach her how to crawl. She wont want to do it but it will help profoundly in her learning later on in life. Take it or leave it, I'm just sayin' : ) Oh an by the way, she is still one of THE most beautiful babies I have ever seen. And that's sayin' something coming from a mom (any mom) who already thinks her kids are the cutest kids ever.

Nakita Ellis said...

Oh the fabulous life of miss Tula. Looking at these pictures made me think of how blissful a little one's (with such fun parents) life is. What a cute girl. Reese misses her :)

Mauri said...

She'll start crawling one random day, or skip it & start walking :)
She's so cute!