1. Chula has found her new favorite place to stand. What is it with sunlight? It even lures babies. sunlight =the best therapy
Just in case you can't tell, she's kissing her reflection in the glass. Sometimes I wonder if her favorite friend is the one she sees in the mirror.
2. I LOVE those thighs. That little body is probably my most favorite thing. Why is it that certain things are cute on babies and not adults.... cottage cheese, thunder thighs, bulging cheeks, chubby fingers, and pop bellies?


{Marie Long} said...

Her thighs are some of the cutest I've seen.

[Morgan] said...

seriously, my thighs would be squishy and adorable on a 1 year old:)

Kimberly Ngarupe said...

ohhhhh. you were asking me how much i would charge you to cover them. i get it now.
honestly, probably like $10. it's pretty simple though, if it's like a standard chair so you might want to diy it.
i live in l.a. but i'll be back in provo for the summer. if you want me to cover some then, or even help you do it, i would be into it.

Cortney Smith said...

Please bring her to see us! I want to squeeze her!

Megano said...

She is the cutest little chunk! What a perfect little babe!

Kari Ann said...

So true! Things that are the cutest on babies are the ugliest on adults:) I love the new couches.