1. I got to take some senior pictures of Jordan, one of Brin's friends. They turned out way great because Jordan is GORGEOUS!!
2. Someone else thinks they're a model and decided to come along. This little busy body was running around the shoot.
(Click on the photo of Jordan to see more)



Ariana said...

oh yeah, have fun in CALI!

that girl IS gorgeous. the pink boots that she wore, were those pink Doc Martens?

Lindsay said...

Little Tula looks like a diva! SO DARLING! I love these pictures! The top picture is amazing!

Taylors said...

you're such an amazing photographer!
Andrew told me you'll be coming out here this summer! I'm so excited to see you and Tula and watch her while you go party!! :)

*Mars* said...

Wow that girl is gorgeous-you did a good job on her pictures! Love her outfits. AND LOVE Tula's little outfit!

[Morgan] said...

wow. that gal is beautiful!

and tulu, well she's just too cute for words.