1. Steph's grandma, the sweetest lady I've EVER met, let us stay at her house. I thought this house was the most ideal location for a photo to be taken. I love the couch and the painting! This picture demonstrates how the trip went down. Me, wrestling Stinker the whole time, and Steph being a good sport keeping her lips sealed.
2. It was nice having Steph there, I actually got to be in some pictures, not to mention she's the funnest person to travel with. These shots are from one of our many pit stops. Let's just say the Stink got awfully sick of being trapped down to her car seat.
3. Steph and Stinky pants playing on the beach. Sand is one of Stinker's favorite things now... TO EAT!
4. Stinker crying after I dipped her feet in the water. She's a wuss sometimes when it comes to "the unknown".
5. This is a perfect example of how Stinker was keep so content the whole trip, we stuffed her face, or I guess she's old enough to stuff her own face now. I have to say she's become a little GLUTTON! haha never been prouder.

all the pictures, but the first and third, Stephanie chamberlain took. Kudos!


Mauri said...

ahhhh how fun. I want to be in Cali on the beach!!

Coryn said...

You're pictures are always so amazing and I love reading your blog!

Ariana said...

sweet sunglasses 8)

Cortney Smith said...

Yah for California! Looks like you had a blast!! Sad, we weren't able to hook up... we should make it up by planning a trip to Hawaii togather ;)