So The Stink and I went out to keep Chris company while he mowed the lawn. We don't get much of Chrissy Time and so we take advantage of every moment. Stinker Pants loves being outside, as I'm sure all babies do. She is so content when we're out in the sun.
1. I love Chris' face as he goes to pick her up. That expression has LOVE written all over it!
2. Chris let her help mow the lawn... or at least she thought she was helping.
3. Chula bug got a little airplane time.
4. She loved sitting in the long grass. I'm pretty sure a few bugs crawled up her shorts.



Treble Clef ♪ said...

Yea! Now I can visit your blog too:) Your little sweetheart is so scrumptious! And...your photos are fabulous. Of course, with your talent, I expected that.

Taraleigh said...

I've always wanted to see the spiral jetty. I remember learning about it forever ago in a class and seeing your photos reminded me of it. That Tula girl is getting hair! Yipee!

Caitlyn said...

Whitney I love your blog too! Your little girl is TOO cute! And your photography is beautiful!

Tabitha said...

The picture with her belly button showing is great! I love her face expression. She is thinking "how dare you take my picture, and excuse me but I don't want to be picked up right now" :)

kwistin said...

I especially love that first photo! And did Chris tell you I ran into him at Best Buy? It was good to see him again but made me wanna see you. So, yes lunch! And Steph! I'll be back from NY in July. Yes?