Our Trip to Denver

Well Stinker got to play with her cousin Pax. She literally wore these margarita beads, the plastic watch, and a puckered smooch on her lips the whole week. She was given kisses away for free!  
Pax and Stinker had their moments of fun. 
... and they most definitely had moments of struggles. Just like two siblings.
We did a lot. I climbed my first 14ner! Mt. Sherman. Before Sherman we hiked another peak (Mt.Sheradon)  by default. They need a flippin sign, arrow, or something. A happy accident really. Who hikes the wrong mountain, realizes it, and hikes a whole other mountain in one day? Us! We were sure relieved to summit. 
Stinker and I really enjoyed seeing Chris. I think it's the most we've seen him all summer. 
Family Kiss. 


{Marie Long} said...

What a fun trip!

Mauri said...

How fun! I love love love the pic of her puckering her lips while sporting a plastic watch and some beads-but the one of her and pax is a close second. Glad you enjoyed your time in Denver!
PS you guys are awesome for hiking 2 mtns in one day!

Prina Family said...

Awe! We love to do "family kiss"
Oh my tulas backpack! That is the cutest thing!!!

Erin said...

You guys are so cute! I love all the faces Tula/Chula/stinker makes I bet she has the best personality!

Brianne and Brandon said...

You look SO good. Your trip looked so fun and the top of the mountain was beautiful. I want to go.