Tin Tin (Quinton) made a fort for he and Bug to play in. 
I wish I had had an uncle as fun as Quinton. These two are definitely like siblings, their's is a love/ hate relationship....
Bug often looks at Quinton like this... she absolutely ADORES him!
And I can't forget Aunt Bee! Bug hearts her!  I stole this picture from Brinley's blog because I didn't get any good pictures of Bug in her SKUNK costume.  This is a pretty good documentation of HALLOWEEN 2010, especially since it was Tyson and Brin that took Bug TRICK OR TREATING.... and according to Brinley, Bug cried at every house (she obviously didn't get it), and she would cry whenever she saw herself in the mirror.  Fear... I think?
Let's just say Bug is lucky to have such a fun aunt and uncle!!

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