I can't update my blog without a Bug UPDATE. First of all I had to post this top picture of her in remembrance of what a good sport she is. This was taken at one of my little photoshoots. She just tags along and is the BEST sport. I can't wait until she's old enough to understand a camera,... she's definitely going to be my little assistant. Same goes for art making :)
LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nakita Ellis said...

That's fun that she gets to tag along with you on the photoshoots. Don't you love how your little one can be your best friend - I LOVE that!

I love all the photoshoots below!

[Morgan] said...

holy harry. she is so freaking cute.

{Marie Long} said...

I love your Photography style. every time I look at your blog I get inspired to be more creative with my camera.

Your bug has one of the sweetest little faces I've ever seen! :)

Anonymous said...

Had bug been asking about when she can hang out with me? I know she misses me so. Anyway, I've been writing this on a few blogs...but I think it would be fun to get together over Christmas break. You know, Nakita, Kelsie, Teenie, Jess Palmer, Carly (?), Silvia, whoever else wants to. Just a thought.