Bug Stories
Bug is obsessed with the park right now and will stop at nothing to get us to open our door. Once that door is open she takes off running full speed without ever looking back.
"Valentines Day"
Bug often needs a reminder to be happy. Chris and I will tell her countless times she needs to smile. It's very hard for her to fake a smile, you would think knowing how to fake laugh and fake cry it should be a no-brainer. Her need of assistance leads us to stick our index finger in her chubby cheek and force an upward grin.
On Valentines Day as soon as she opened up her Dora present from us she kept saying, "Totu (what she calls herself) happy, Totu happy" and she was walking around with her index finger jabbed in her cheek forcing an upward grin. Glad the gift was such a hit (See picture below).
Also on Valentines Day we went to All A Dollar and she found a cane (See pictures below). Don't worry she is already theatrical (Can't wait for teenage drama), she quickly hunched over and started walking like an elderly person... how does she even know elderly people use canes? 
"Sorry Bummy"
So this evening Bug had a stinky diaper. I keep asking her if we should change it, and each time she replied "no". Finally trying to reason with her I said, "If we don't change your diaper, you will get owies". She looked back at her bottom and replied "Sorry Bummy", and took off running away from me. Good to know the sacrifices she's willing to make for more play time.


Karyn Mac said...

Tula and Dora...could there be a more perfect picture of childhood bliss. So cute as always.

Mars said...

oh my gosh I'm DYING! What a character! You get the best pictures of her too. The picture of her with the cane cracks me up! What a cutie! And sorry bummy?? Where do kids come up with the funny things they say? she's adorable!

katie said...

I love these stories. So fun.