Bugs obsessed with DORA.  Because of this obsession she has to wear her backpack and carry around her little purple stuffed monkey "Boots" (although in this picture she has her jellys for some reason)
Oh my good thing we are limiting her time watching this show.  She would literally watch it ALL DAY!


spencer said...

wat about the lil brown cousin??

wats his name again???

whom does she love more?? :)

Mars said...

haha so so cute!!

Whitney Taylor said...

Yes John, she is obsessed with Dora's cousin too! Diego! haha.. actually come to think of it you look like Diego!

spencer said...

heheee!!! wait..i dont know whether to take that as a good or bad thing...? )

so...in the hispanic culture..ask chris about this too..but we are ALL cousins!! if your brown and your family knows mine! boooM! we are automatically cousins!!! and this is why i cant do my genealogy work!!