Today was warm enough to sit outside. and thats exactly what we did. Bugs loves being outside. Poor thing gets cooped up in the winter. 
PrintShe's my little BEST FRIEND. 
She and Chris have a cute little relationship as well. She's got him wrapped around her little finger, whether or not she knows it yet. It'll be a terrifying day when she realizes what a hold she has on him. He'll have to keep a close watch on his credit cards. haha
Here are my two loves cuddling in bed. love it. 


Prina Family said...

Oh! My! Those are the 2 cutest pictures you should hang on your wall!!! And can I hang them on my wall? haha. It was such a nice day! I loved it.

Prina Family said...

Sorry, also can you get sis. Vanormans ( i do not know how to spell that) phone number from your mom? Then I can call her and we can go visit soon! I guess I could have just text this. Oh well, haha. K bye, love you!

.b.&.e. said...

i love that photo of you and tu. you guys look so pretty! &the one of chris &tu is soooo stinking freakin cuuuute!

[Morgan] said...

sigh. we went outside today too.

spring can't get here fast enough!

cute pictures. it took me a second to figure out the second set, it looked like one, not two side by side. lol.

emily sparks said...

so cute! i love your blog and i totally want you to take mu family's pictures sometime...