1. Sandals for bug to wear a year or so from now. $3.00
2. Animal collection for Bug. All were .25-.75 (this excludes the lion)
3. This sweater was a Christmas gift Stephanie gave to Bug. estimated cost= $3.00
4. Beautiful plates to add to my wall. .50 cents each
5. A beautiful cutout! Love this. Will be added to the collection. Paid .50 cents.
6. Some classic children's books from the 1950s. in pristine condition. $1.00 each.
7. Miniature house to store all my little pretties in. $1.50


Prina Family said...

Oh Tula, i miss her! And you. Actually you more:)
Wait, so did you already have your Graduation ceremony and everything?! I wanted to come!

That picture with Tula and the butterflies is amazing. You need to hang that on a wall in your house!

Mars said...

You find the best stuff!!