These pictures were taken when all was over. Now we could finally relax and enjoy eachother. Notice the cool floral arrangement behind us...done by Lori Taylor!

Here we are with Chris's family. It was good to all be together for Christmas and for the wedding. We loved being around all of his family at once.

We had a eight hour layover at the airport on our way home...we got pretty creative on ways to entertain ourselves. That was one of the longest days....but it was enjoyable.

Ensenda was our second stop...we rented a taxi with another couple...who turned out to be LDS...haha..and we took a 45 minute drive threw some beautiful farm land (it looked just like Hawaii). We went to the popular Blow HOle.....where it turned out to be an overrated tourist attraction...but the shopping was the best I've ever seen in Mexico...and Chris made best friends with our driver. This Mexican was so happy when we tipped him 10 bucks...haha Chris loves them Mexicans.

Isn't this the most beautiful sunset ever....a beautiful sunset followed by fries! yum!

This is the room on our ship...where we went to bed early on New Years night, because eveyone on the ship was too drunk to function.

Our First stop was at Cabo San Lucas.....it was beautiful...and so warm. We rented a scooter and explored around the town. Chris was using his spanish to make friends with everyone we came in contact with. We also had a sweet time at the beach.

Here we are as our ship is taking off

We had a fun day in San Diego before we got on the ship....we just walked around and enjoyed the city and the weather.