although my house seems to always be messy, and I can never find time to get the things done that I need... I always have help from CHRIS. thanks babe for all your help. Yesterday while I was editing some old photographs for my grandma, Chris was there to help with Stinker and whip up some lunch. The Bjorn makes it possible for him to do both at once.


Nakita Ellis said...

I love baby front carriers, make life so much simpler! You have posted so many fun posts and fun pictures the last few days! NICE WORK - keep it up! I so hear you - I seem to always be cleaning the house, yet it always looks messy! It kind of doesn't seem worth it, as soon as you get the counter cleaned off, more mail comes to clutter the counter. As soon as you put baby's toys away, she wants to play again. I don't know how anyone does it!

Sheyene Stobbe said...

oh my gosh you post so many pictures! and i love every single one of them!!! Tula is so stinking cute! is that why you keep calling her stinker?? hahah ps i love love love the pictures you did for sierras family! you seriously have an amazing gift! maybe you would be willing to trade massage for photography lessons!????

Taylor Family said...

You've gotta love being hands free, it's amazing how much more you can get done! And the best part is you still get to feel like you're holding her.