june 17

Someone has found a new friend....
I don't know what it is with Chris and his YELLOW RUBBER GLOVES, but he is wearing them all the time. If the rubber gloves go missing, I'm to blame. He cleans all sorts of things in these! .... and here is Tula once again staring her father down. She was intently watching him while he cleaned the kitchen, I couldn't even get her to look at the camera (that's a first)!

I thought it would be cute to see what Tula would do if she were all alone. I placed her out on our porch and shut the door. I was watching her through the window (on the front door). Haha she looked so cute. Lets just say she's very clueless and didn't know the difference. She just looked around at all the noises she was hearing.



Kari Ann said...

She is so cute! I need to see her right now! We really do need to get together. Call me next time Quinton has a game:)

Sheyene Stobbe said...

oh Kyler has one of those chairs!! ok the picture of tula and that stuffed thing is so cute!! she is getting so big. she can notice that thing!!! also i spy her toe nails panted red!!! hahah dunski

Mauri said...

That's so funny you put her out on the porch & she didn't know the difference. At least she doesn't freak out if you leave her! Babies are so curious. Those first pictures are cute!

Taylor Family said...

My mom told me she started crying when she saw that picture of Chris in the rubber gloves. I think it was one of those "my cup runneth over" moments. I think she passed that onto all of us!