1. Tula looks like two completely different people, depending on how you wrap her head piece. She can look like a NEPHITE or MOTHER MARY! haha It's so fun to play dress up and it'll be more fun when she can play with me.
2. Now I keep telling Tula her stuffed animals are to play with, not to eat. Does she listen? no.
3. Now lately the only thing that'll get Tula to hold completely still (and when I say still I mean she can't even close her mouth) is Chris tickling her. She loves stripping down to the diaper for a tummy tickle.
4. Have you ever wondered how babies are so flexible. Maybe from being squished in the womb for so long?
5. And last of all... I love when I find this. Not only Tula asleep in Chris' arms, but with the blanket over her head.!

oh sigh


Mauri said...

cute. Love the many looks of her depending on her headwrap :)

Why does everything have to go in their mouth. I can't imagine cloth tasting good.

I love how flexible babies are!

love how relaxed she looks there with no clothes & being tickled.

Maybe she liked the blanket over her eyes to keep the light out. You should make her a little eye mask haha. Actuallly that's prob a chocking hazard.

Natalia said...

she looks soooo much like chris!