1. I just love this photo of Tula getting her head scrubbed. She loves her baths and is almost grown out of her tub. I don't know what we're going to do considering we only have a shower. We either need to buy a bigger tub for her or start bathing her in the kitchen sink. Except our kitchen gets so cold in the winter. So who knows? Maybe we'll just have to hose her off outside...?

2. Tula can almost put her binki in her mouth on her own. Oh I'm excited for this. It'll sure save us a lot of sweat not having to do it for her.



Mauri said...

That picture of her in the tub getting her head scrubbed is so stinkin cute!

I hope she figures out how to get that binki in her mouth on her own soon. I'm sure that'll be nice for you AND her :)

a mothers choice said...

She is way too cute. I love the one of her in the post from the
29th of her with her feet by her face.

The Reynolds said...

Get Tula a ducky tub. It's for 6 months + I believe. We got one at a shower and I love it! They're cheap and at walmart, shopko, etc.

Nakita Ellis said...

Reese is good at putting her binky in now and it is SO nice. She still needs help sometimes, like when it is stuck in her armpit, but she usually can find it herself. Tula is such a doll! Let's hang out a few times before school starts b/c heaven knows we'll be busy once that commences.

Cindy said...

awwww! Erin never took a binki:( maybe you can get her one of those hillbilly tubs you know the kind you bob for apples in or you could put a small towel in the sink so its not cold :)

Erin said...

haha at first I thought it said she can almost get her "bikini" in her mouth and i thought why does she need to suck on her bikini. haha binky makes more sense