I feel my way of "going green" is to re-use things. I love finding a new way to put something to use.
So the other day I went to D.I., I love going there. I found some future projects to work on. First of all is these cake trays I've been wanting to make. Here is the final project! I know you've all probably seen how people do these. Well, I've been wanting to make one for awhile now and I finally did!
It's the simplest project.

All you need is:
a couple plates, small sundae glasses/ or short candle sticks,
epoxy, and caulk.

Just attach the sundae dish (upside down) or candle stick to the plate via epoxy (measure to make sure it's centered). Make sure to get epoxy that is made for glass. After waiting the appropriate amount of time use the caulk (make sure it's clear/ waterproof caulk) to seal off the edges. I used a Q-tip to wipe away the excess.
I thought the cookies for the picture was a nice touch. I ate three of these cookies just while taking the picture... shameful.



Melisa said...

I love it so cute!!! you are so creative I wish i just had a small amount of your creativeness!

Taraleigh said...

Oh my gosh! I was going to set out today and make something so similar to put jewelry on (you know, a three tiered little tray to hold my pretties.) That is SO funny that I see it on your blog the very day I was going to do it. Weird

em ♥ muffin said...

such a good idea!

Cindy said...

very cute!

Mauri said...

I've seen these & wanted to make one too! again...I have no reason to make one so I haven't yet. Man when I get married & have my own place I'm gonna be making all sorts of stuff...for 2 reasons...I'll prob be poor and because I'll have a place to put it & I can use it. So cute!!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know where this project was going until I saw the pic. For some reason I thought I read that you were making a pan to bake cupcakes. Ha ha. But the final product was nice, very nice my lady.

Rachel and Todd said...

Hey, that's really creative! When I get some random cute plates I'll totally do that. Yard sales, I'm coming for you.