So I've never been one to cook. My Pre Married life consisted of baked potatoes and green beans. "Chick Food", according to Chris. I do have to admit, I make one good sandwich. I thought I'd pleasure you all with my secrets.

the HOW TOs:
1. Mayo n Mustard. You have to use Harper's Bran Bread! This stuff is hard to come by, but it's notorious for it's dietary fiber (keeps my system clean)! It has a whopping 10 grams per sandwich
2. Meat! This meat Chris picked up from our local Macey's. It's Sundried Tomato Turkey. Yum!
3. Cheese. We use Cache Valley Mild Cheddar. Oh so soft.
4. Lettuce. Romaine does nicely. If you want extra nutrients go for spinach. I like the CRUNCH of the romaine.
5. Tomatoes. Adds a little juice.
6. Avocado. With a little salt the flavor is brought out nicely.
7. Pickles. You have to use Vlasic Stackers! Nice even coverage.
8. TADAH!!! There you have it, one good sandwich!


wait, you can't forget the SunChips!



Mauri said...

YUMMY! That sandwich looks SO GOOD. Thats how I like mine too-with lots of good stuff on it (minus mayo-I'm weird, I'll pretty much gag if any mayo touches my mouth) And Sun Chips are oh so good. Hmm...a sandwhich midnight snack sounds good now :)

Kimberly Ngarupe said...

that is good sandwich, but it needs a little more mustard and some fresh cracked pepper. i love that you showed some pickle love. i love pickles but they seem to be a dying art.

Taylor Family said...

Yum, this post makes me hungry. Sandwiches just aren't the same on my gross rice bread, I miss the old days!

Nakita Ellis said...

I won't lie, I'm a little upset you never made me one of these when we were roommates.