So I found this old treasure down in my mom's basement. Yes it is old, a little dinged up, and is missing a string, but it sure does bring back memories. Yes, I use to play the violin. I played for about six years, but that was nine years ago. It's funny when you're young you don't value things the way you do when you're older. I totally wish I would've kept playing. Although since I didn't play in high school I was able focus on other things, like art, my biggest love!
Now that I'm older I want to learn to play again. I've forgotten almost everything, but I know it would come back quick. The information is in there somewhere, I just need to rekindle it.
So I'm seriously going to start taking lessons again. perhaps after I graduated this December.
I don't want to be hard core, I just want to be able to bring a little music into my home (since I can't sing worth crap).
Maybe that'll be my new years resolution?



Taraleigh said...

Oh how that violin does bring back memories. I still play my violin and viola and I am so glad I do. I think its become too much a part of me to stop playing. Good luck! It will all come back to you faster than you know.

Mauri said...

how fun to find that. I used to play piano then quit because I HATED IT. Now...I wish I could play it. Esp. because it's a great way to bring music & the spirit into a home (I can't sing either haha!) I say go for it! That'd be awesome to add to your list of talents

Taylor Family said...

If there's one instrument I would most love to learn to play it would be the violin. That's awesome you're going to take it up again!