So we got back from Lake Tahoe late last night. Oh boy was it a crazy trip home.

First off Chris got a speeding ticket right out of Tahoe. The cop was nice enough to write him for 10 over, instead of 25. (He was passing a car going down hill).
Then not too long later
Ms. Stinky Pants started freaking out. We started to smell a vile scent coming from her general direction. Chris looked in the side of her diaper to see if she had pooped. Out gushed the STINKIEST poop I've ever smelt. It got all over Chris, the car, her outfit, her body, her toys, her binky... and then when I went to get her out to change her it got all over me. I felt car sick the rest of the way home from the awful smell that lingered FOREVER.
Last of all we hit a bird and killed it! It was so loud and we could see the feathers stuck in the hood the rest of the drive. It got squished
up in our grill. We woke up this morning to find the bird (and our car) surrounded by flies and bees. So sick and so sad.
I'm just glad our drive didn't have anymore surprises in store for us.

Don't view the following picture if you have an inclination to vomit, or while eating food.

pictures of TAHOE are coming soon .....


Melisa said...

That StInKs!!! I hope Tahoe was SUPER FUN!!!!

[Morgan] said...

oh. my. feathers. oh dear.

Mauri said...

yikes! When it rains it pours right? Glad you guys are safe though & I hope you got the poop, bird & feathers off your car :) Poor bird.

Kimberly Ngarupe said...

baby blowouts terrify me.

Rachel and Todd said...

I'm sorry but those stories are hilarious--the poopy diaper and bird! Sad but hilarious!

Taylor Family said...

Wow! What a drive home. I hate when things don't go smoothly on long car trips. It makes an already tough situation that much worse! And that's totally unfair to give someone a speeding ticket in a passing zone.