Tula has always been a good eater. She has always loved her CREAM! Next week is her six month appointment and we can officially start her on baby food.
I will no longer be able to take full credit for the rolls on her body. I KNOW she's going to love food! We were naughty and gave her some carrot baby food in Tahoe, just a little. She attacked the spoon before we could even get it to her mouth. She loved it!
Watch out kitchen and highchair, the messes are coming! haha


Taraleigh said...

You are headed in for a treat! Liliane is starting to actually recognize food and identify the fact that its yummy (even though shes 10 months and has been eating the stuff for 5 months now). Whenever i put anything in my mouth and she sees, she has to have a taste too. Good luck with school! I still have 4 semesters to finish, and haven't enrolled for a year and a half. Gotta get jordan through then i'll get mine done. Congrats on graduating!

[Morgan] said...

ha ha. very clever picture:)

yay for baby food! only, it's fun at first, the experimenting and such then you start to wish that you could go back to easy, clean strictly breastfeeding:)

Jon and Jessica Bryant said...

Oh how much fun is that. I love your photography! You two are so cute! We need to do something sometime so our girls can meet!

Mauri said...

what a cute picture! Sounds like she's a good eater :)