1. Little Chula is truly inspired.
Chula has learned her first word. Drum roll please.... JESUS! haha it's so sweet when she says it, and if I could choose any word for her to know first and to know well it would be this. Here's the story...
I'm sad to admit this, but Chris and I haven't really discussed Jesus with Chula. I've just assumed she was too little. So the other day we decided to buy her a large picture of Christ to hang on the wall above her crib. We ended up buying the red robed picture of Christ from the Distribution Center.
So when we got home I pinned up the picture of Christ and began to ask Chula "Where's Jesus"? I didn't expect her to know since she'd never been taught and since He'd never been discussed. She quickly turned around (180) and was fixated with the picture. She wouldn't stop starring. Obviously we hadn't discussed Christ with her, but she knew who He was.
Then the next day Chula was crying and I couldn't get her to calm down. I decided to show her the picture of Christ and once she got a glimpse of Him she became still.
There have been many instances similar to these since then. Now whenever she sees Him she waves and smiles. We found her a little picture of Him that she can carry around, and she loves it. I've often noticed her kissing the small picture over and over.
I feel I have a lot to learn from Chula's sweet spirit, and I feel so blessed to have her in my life.

2 & 3. Chula makes it on the blog... twice!
Two of my cousins got married over the holidays and Chula got her picture shot at both occasions. Both pictures of her made it onto 'The Blog'. What can I say, she's a trained poser (thanks to me). These two photos were taken by Izlas photography, and are found on their blog. I love the one of her with Pa. It's a nice juxtaposition of old and young, and it's such a precious moment captured.

4. Little Chula continues to become more fun by the day. Chris and I can't get enough of her!



Kim Shepherd said...

I love the Jesus story. That's so cute and special that she loves Jesus so much. Tula is still as cute as ever.

Mauri said...

That is so sweet her first word was jesus & how much she loves pictures of Christ. Babies have such sweet spirits! What a cutie.
Seriously, she should be a baby model. Love her headbands too!

Nakita Ellis said...

That is so precious about Tula and Jesus. Reese doesn't say Jesus but LOVES to point him out in the pictures in the hallways at church. It's cool that baby's are still so familiar with Jesus.

I miss you guys. We need to do something soon. You should text me your new schedule and maybe I can make a trip down to Provo when you aren't in school.

Tawny Crane said...

Love all the pictures. Did you ever hear back about the water color painting you did yet? I love it I could just stair at it all day :)

katie said...

How fun! I can't wait until Jonathan can talk. Hope everything is going well! Post more pictures of your art, I love seeing what you're doing.

Taraleigh said...

She will never stop making you happy! I'm totally going to try those cookies with reeses! Thanks for the tip!

kwistin said...

That little girl has such a sweet spirit. I loved that first story. We have so much to learn from those little kids! I'm glad that you have her. :)