So we're back from Vegas! I got to enjoy Spring Break although BYU doesn't believe in it.
1. The car ride home I must admit was long. Stinker Pants was tough to entertain.
I don't understand how her mood can go from this... to this in a matter of seconds. She was literally laughing and crying off and on the whole drive.
2. This picture describes our trip perfectly!
3. I have also forgotten to blog about Ms. Stinker's first birthday.....it was over a month ago. I can hardly believe she is ONE!
She devoured her own personal 5x5x3 cake... and I'm amazed she didn't get sick. What can I say, she lives for food.



{Marie Long} said...

I long for swimming, I hope you did a lot of it while you were in Vegas. Happy Birthday to that cutie-pie.

The Reynolds said...

Pretty sure my favorite is with her tongue sticking out. Is she facing forward in her car seat these days or still back words? I'm not sure which would be better for a long trip

*Mars* said...

what a fun trip. I can only imagine being 1, strapped into a car seat, and in the car for a long drive. hard I'm sure. But looks like you guys enjoyed some sunshine and pool time! Love the picture of her eating that cake! What a cutie!

Ariana said...

awww...she is so adorable. i'm happy that her and Tank are going to get married.

Britten & Chelsea Maughan said...

That's probably the best one year old cake picture I've ever seen!

Rachel and Todd said...

Road trips are tough, but I do think worth it in the end! Happy birthday, little stinker! She looks so cute covered in chocolate cake.

Kim Shepherd said...

I'm jealous of Tula's messy self. Livie wouldn't even touch her cake on her birthday. I wanted her to go all out like Tula did. Tula is just a cute with cake all over her.