1. Chula is walking like crazy and is getting more steady and quick by the day. She often spends time around whoever has food. In this case Chris was cooking dinner and she keep walking over to him to get bites.
2. There has been a new toy in our house these last few days. Who would've thought a box would be so fun. Stinker can entertain herself crawling back and forth through this box for hours. What a great babysitter.
3. Yes she is a squealer, squawker, screecher, shrieker, and screamer. Chris and I have yet to find the solution to our daughter's loudness. It's in public that we feel the pressure to plug the hole.



Nakita Ellis said...

She is so cute! How fun that she is walking. You wanna hang out this week? I'll be at Aubrey's Monday - Thursday and would love to see you and the little miss.

*Mars* said...

awww she's a walker now...soon to be running! Too cute!