1,2. Little Chula and I got to hang out with some friends today. Chula just sat there on the bike drinking her Capri Sun while being entertained by Reese who was a little energetic mover. Reese really enjoyed her chicken nuggets dipped in ketchup as you can tell by the picture (actually this picture doesn't do it justice... she was covered in ketchup by the end) haha.
Nothing beats a day of sun accompanied by friends, Capri Suns, and chicken nuggets. Thanks Keets and Reesie!
3. I also wanted to mention Chula tasting cotton candy for the first time. Lets just say it didn't go down good. She definitely hated the texture. Oh man I never thought the day would ever come where she'd start to have a preference with food... what happened to the days where she'd just eat everything?


[Morgan] said...

oh man, she's cute. i love her little legs hanging off the side of the bike:)

*Mars* said...

oh my goodness! that picture of her on the bike with the capri sun is adorable! She is so stinkin cute! What a fun day. The chicken nugget picture is a crack up too-hey whatever makes 'em happy right? :)

Sheyene Stobbe said...

Yes! tula with the cotton candy is so funny! ok what she is so big just drinking a capri sun??? hahah i want to see her!!!!!ps whitney did you hear about Winco? its that new grocery store on 8oo n buy the freeway, well its the best place ever they have the best deals! sierra and i went on the grand opening day and were freaking out because the place had the most amazing deals they were basically giving away free food! they had a 10 pack of capri suns for $1!!!!!! in fact they gave us a free box of Trix when we walked out hahaha

Nakita Ellis said...

We had so much fun with you guys! Thanks for playing, we must do it again soon!