1. I'm seeing DOUBLE!
Kari Ann had her sweet babies and
they are the cutest pair! Dex and Simon are the most perfect names for these two. Love them to death and can't wait to see their little personalities grow.
2. Little Bug is now obsessed with BRAS! She knows just where to find them, and she struts around the house with multiple ones around her arms and neck
(her attempts to put them on). she'll often look down, make sure they're still hanging in place, and pat them proudly.
OH GEEZ. A little young to be into bras, don't you think? She's definitely a girl.



Cortney Smith said...

haha I love Tula and oh my, Dex and Simon are so so so cute! I want to eat them!

[Morgan] said...

he he he. too cute.

{Marie Long} said...

At least your bras are cute ;)

Bandley Family said...

those babies are so cute!!! kenley is obsessed whit bras as well its so funny!!!! she trips all over them what a crack up they must be related!! ha ha love it!

Kari Ann said...

That is hilarious! Good thing you got a picture to show her later:) Cute picture of the boys!

Lindsay said...

Those pictures are so precious! Tula is starting young with the bras I see. ahhahahaha I am laughing. She is too cute