Here are some more pictures of the twins! So precious.
There's more where this came from, Kari Ann.
#4. Pretty sure Chula Bug made the twins nervous. I mean come on... she's freakin Godzilla next to them. Since when did my little newborn become such a monster? (in size.)



Prina Family said...

Oh my gosh that os soooo funny!!! hahahahaha! She does look huge back there. They are so sweet cuddling!

Mauri said...

those twins are so cute! That last pic with Tula in the background and your added little thought bubble is hilarious. You forget how tiny newborns are.

Coryn said...

This is hilarious! That last picture had me laughing pretty hard.

[Morgan] said...

twins are so freaking cute and FASCINATING. i can't handle it.

cute pics, hilarious too:)

[Morgan] said...

i can't handle twins.

they are so freaking cute and fascinating. i can't wrap my mind around two identical babies.

cute pics, hilarious too.

[Morgan] said...

hate it when i leave two comments (now 3) because i didn't see that you had comment moderation on.

RainCoyote said...

That last picture is my FAVORITE. That little baby's eyes thinking of Chulazilla! hhaah!