#1. Having a baby, now a busy child, makes me realize how much my parents have done for me. My whole day is spent trying to entertain the Bug and changing her diapers (I swear). Well really I only change 2 diapers a day, but nothing has made me appreciate my parents MORE! (and yes I pin her arms down, keeping it a clean diaper change. Learned it from Kari Ann!)
#2. Bug gets cabin fever, as do I, when we're cooped up all day. I knew it was time to leave the house when the Stink brought me her shoes and mine and began to say
"bye-bye" repeatedly. I knew she was wanting to say "good bye" to our boring confined day, and "hello" to the great outdoors. (picture taken by Chris)
#3. Bug then continued her routine of making discoveries outside...
#4. Only to end up right where she started, inside.
#5. But don't fear. The indoors have perks! Like putting on every imaginable "pretty" mommy owns.



Kelsey said...

What a fun look at your day, it reminds me a lot of mine:) Would you guys like to come over sometime? Or go play at a park? Nola doesn't "play" quite yet but I think I'd have fun.

Kim Shepherd said...

I love how you hold her arms down when you change her. I'm going to use that now when I change poopy diapers. I have a question is her name still Tula but you call her Chula for a nick name? I can't remember for sure. I love both.

Amy said...

She is the CUTEST.

katie said...

I love your blog! It's so fun to hear what Chula is learning and doing, and it's always so fun to look at!! Kudos.

Mauri said...

She's the cutest little thing! How fun to spend your days with her-inside or out.

Tawny Crane said...

Only twice a day?!? I've already changed Amelias Diaper 6 times and she'll be needing one more, which is high for today but on average its 5...IF ONLY IT WERE TWO!!
I love your 'prettys' did you make them?