The Flamin Yorge!

#1&2. Bug and I went camping with my Folks. Two days into the trip Brin and I got the flu. Came home a whole four days early. Sad. Still, well worth it.
Bug is a camper at heart. She lived in her diaper. Ate dirt. Forever hearts the boat.

#3. The whole motley crew, except Quint. He's behind me.

I have to admit, my dad's one true love other than his trees is his boat.


Mauri said...

How fun! She looks so cute all tanned and just in a diaper. Does she have a little turquoise ring on? SO CUTE! Oh and I'm lovin her orange jellies! Bummer you got the flu though and it cut your trip short :( Hope you're feeling better

Nakita Ellis said...

Oh my heck,does Tula have a ring on? So cute!

Kari Ann said...

Looks like fun! Sorry you got sick:(

Bandley Family said...

ha ha love that pic of your dad on the boat i have seen that a many times and it is true he is a die hard for that bell boy!!! tula kills me she is so cute!

Cindy said...

your so artistic this is my favorite post! ps your comment made me laugh! its interesting having a three yr old but i dont know if it makes me feel old (i guess im in denial) :) i just find it hard to believe that they grow up so fast, but i love seeing the world through a kids eyes its just so entertaining and inspiring! and tula is a chula as always ;)