A Nurturer by Nature
It's so crazy how Bug is OBSESSED with babies, and how naturally she wants to nurture them. This baby doll gets more kisses than I do.
Yesterday we returned home for the day and Bug started to search the house frantically calling out "baby?... baby?", letting out a sigh of relief to finally find the baby (she acted like a mother in distress who'd just lost her child)
Once she had the baby in her arms she began to shower it with kisses and hugs, holding it close and whispering sweet secrets into the baby's ear. 


Kari Ann said...

sooo cute! just catching up on yout blog. can i have some of your talent please

Mars said...

That is ADORABLE!! She'll be a good help when she has a baby brother or sister!

Naebelle said...

Whit, I was wondering if you could do some pregnancy shots and maybe after I have my baby, some of those as well. I am not due until March but I love your style and would drive down to Provo for you to take them! Let me know :) Thanks, Jordanae

Naebelle said...

I'm almost 18 weeks and I'm due March 25th. We find out if it is a boy or girl on Nov 5th! I can't wait!! I would love to have a nice one for a Christmas card so maybe around Thanksgiving if you are going to be around cause we will be spending it in Kaysville.