These two collages are from a series I've been working on this semester. All the collages have to do with memory and place. I'm simply responding to old family snap shots. I'm building off of memories/ actual events that've happened to me or someone I love, and through responding formally they end up morphing into their own superficial reality. There is symbolism behind these and how they represent our memories. I think it's very interesting how memories can morph and change in time.
I entered these two into a show @ BYU entitled, "Nature and Nurture". The show is suppose to be a response to the Family Proclamation.
When I think of The Family Proclamation I think of the home, and how vital it is to have the family unit functioning the way it was designed. What happens in the home can have a major impact on our children and the future generation.
This first piece is entitled "Their Choices" and it's based on a photo from when my parents were first married living in LA (It's an LA grocery store parking lot). It represents the choices they made early on that have effected my siblings and I.
This next piece is entitled "My Choices" and it's a response to a childhood photo of myself, but is based on my memory from experiences I had while living in Ukraine. It represents the choices I've made throughout my life and is reflective of how I was raised. The choices I've made have helped to define me, and I will forever be effected by my memories and experiences.

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