I have to confess my love to you all.  I know I sound like the typical sappy Mommy, but unless you've been here don't dis.  Because unless you have you just don't understand.  If posts like this bug you, stop reading now.
This little thing is what enriches my life. I find joy in many things, but I have to say being a Mother to her is pretty close to the top of that list (I'd say second). I feel so blessed everyday to have her.
The reason why I'm posting this is because she, My Little Bug, is turning two (in a week). I'm trying to cherish all moments I have with her,  since I know they're going to fly by (I mean I pretty much blinked the first two years).


spencer said...


Kari Ann said...

I was thinking that the other day. How on earth did she get to be two?...and yes, it goes by way too fast!!!

Karly said...

WHITNEY, I got those cute bows today!!!! They are sooo cute!! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! I seriously cant believe what a sweet girl you are, to send those to me! It absolutely made my week! I am feeling inspired and made a trip to the fabric store and am going to see if I can make something cute. If I am successful don't be surprised if some make it your way :)

Rain Coyote said...

She's so cute! And holy cow, TWO?! Time sure does fly.

Ragazza Bazaar said...

I totally feel you...my little precious is 27 months..time flies..her brother..my first is 11 ...where did the time go? They are my WORLD