Jumping in front of my installation piece screaming a cry of victory now that my exhibit is over! Well, the reception part is over and was a huge success, even considering the fact that my reception food fed many hungry mooching starving students. Glad to be of service to you.
This exhibition is my last requirement to graduate, a 7 year journey! A journey well worth the BFA I so proudly earned!
If you want to see my art exhibit "Projections" it's up until March 15th in the HFAC, 3rd floor, Gallery 303! The installation was a hit and it was ONLY the opening night so you'll miss that mighty jewel, but don't worry I forgive you!
Also, be sure to check out my new web site whitneyAtaylor.com to see some of the pieces in the show.


Anonymous said...

Many congratulations...I'm sad to not be in UT to see it.

Rain Coyote said...

Your stuff is awesome!

Hehe, me and Cammy were doing shadow puppets on the installation after we looked. :D

Taylors said...

Congratulations Whitney!! You are seriously amazing!!

Mars said...

awesome! Congrats- you are so talented!

Jen said...

Your exhibition is awesome!!! Wow, must feel great to be done. Can't wait to be done in August!