1. So the other night Tula and I had a sleepover with Grandma Jenny and Cortney (my cousin). When I put Stinker down for the night I propped her Eeyore stuffed animal up on the pillow knowing it would be the first thing she'd see in the morning. Sure enough I woke up to giggling in the other room haha. So I went to take a peek through the cracked door and found Tula playing with her Eeyore. She loved the little surprise I had left for her.
2. That next day I went with Kari Ann (my aunt) and Erin (Kari Ann's friend) to "the fountains". We all took our kids. Tula was out a swimsuit and sported around a stylish swim diaper . I sure hope this attractive body stays!


The Reynolds said...

oh my! She's such a chubby one! I love it

Rachel and Todd said...

Hey Whitney! Yep, we're in Illinois for school. Todd's doing his Phd at the U of I at Urbana-Champaign. It's fun, but I do miss Utah!

Jon and Jessica Bryant said...

I love chubby babies! She is so precious!