Yesterday we drove up to temple square and had to eat at The Garden Restaurant. We love that place!
1. Right when I saw this sitting in the middle of the table I realized why
Butter Ball is the perfect name for our little Chula.
2. Chula grabs at things left and right, and if you don't watch her she'll grab something that could be catastrophic. Good thing I caught this one before an eye was poked out.
3. She would not stop laughing yesterday. Everything was just so funny! I love when she gets in that mood!


It's been fun having Bronson home. He's been away selling security systems and now he's off to the mission in exactly one week.
Bronson has had his girly friend here to visit. Her southern accent is a charm! I have to say Bronson isn't one to be into girls and having her come out here is really saying something! It'll be exciting to see what happens with them in the future. She definitely has my approval!



[Morgan] said...

chula is too cute. i know, that's all i ever say. but, it's true.

Mauri said...

oh my gosh how cute is that... little butter ball! She is just a little ball of freaking cuteness! Seriously she should be a baby model or something. I've never eated at The Garden Restaurant but I've heard good things about it. I'll have to try it one day. And your brother & that girl are DARLING! I can totally see her having a southern accent. love it.

Rachel and Todd said...

Sorry I'm commenting so much now, but whattado when you can't converse? My father-in-law started calling Henry butterball when he was pretty little--chunky but little--and it sounded a little more like butta ball. I like it.