1. I was able to see one of my best friends this Saturday. I can't believe she was my first friend at age 4! I'm so glad we've kept in touch since then. CRAZY!
Can anyone see a resemblance?
(Leslie looks like Jasmine in the "then" picture)

2. One of Bug's favorite things to do, pick flowers ("wowers" in her words), and shove them in my face to smell. Luckily there are many wowers in our yard to keep her occupied picking all summer.



Mauri said...

You guys are gorgeous! Little Tula picking flowers is so cute! I love hearing little kids talk-too cute!

Cortney Smith said...

ah sad she's not a baby anymore... I can just imagine her cute little voice saying "wowers". I love the picture of you and Leslie, its awesome that you guys have been friends for so long! Hope you had a great Fourth of July!

 Natalie said...

Wah! I love your baby!

Also, twin pictures - totally cute.