1. I was so proud when I taught little Bug how to throw things away in the trash. I was imagining her running little errands to the trash for me throughout the day. I loved the thought of her being trained to help me be more clean.
So the other day I found her toy train and my phone in the trash. Good thing I caught it before it was taken out! So much for that idea. Now it's time to hide the trash bin.
2. Why is it that little faces are so cute messy? I would have her face like this all day if I weren't worried about crumbs spreading all over the house feeding our unwelcome house bugs.

3. Bug and I were staring through different holes at each other (oh the things you think of to entertain). It just captured her beautiful face so perfectly............. which led to me attacking her with kisses............ I often do this until I'm grouchily pushed away.


Megano said...

I love it!!! Little messy baby faces are the bestest. I can't believe how big she is!! What a little sweetie!

Mauri said...

She is so stinkin cute!! My friends little boy throws her shoes in the trash haha! The things that go missing in the trash can...

Cortney Smith said...

Oh my I love you guys! Tula is so cute and you always have the most cleaver pictures!

Jay & Tammi Roberts said...

She is beyond cute! Luckily you were able to catch your treasure before they were thrown away!