the confessions of a 17 month old

So I'm remembering back to two older posts I've done. When Bug was a baby, I knew all her thoughts had to be about milk because that's all she knew. When she got to be a little bigger her thoughts started to venture, but not too far.
3. Now Chula Bug has her head full of unusual things! She definitely knows what she likes and has preferences. These are her six current loves
(as of at age 17 months).
-She loves toothpaste
(baby toothpaste of course). Good thing it's baby toothpaste because she eats it like mad. She loves getting her teeth brushed for the sole purpose of sucking the brush clean.
-She loves flowers
("wowers"), and has to pick them every time we're outside. She prefers one in each hand.
-She loves bras. and often swimsuits are mistaking for bras.
-She loves shoes. All shapes and sizes! Our shoes are always drug from one corner of the house to the other.
-She is obsessed with BOOKS! I'm so grateful for this... except when she pouts in order for me to read her 20 books a day. The same 20 books a day gets extremely old.
-and of course her oatmeal! She loves oatmeal. She calls it
"hot", and she would eat it every meal if she could.



Mauri said...

how fun that she's at that age where she knows what she wants. cute picture too-I need to learn how to photoshop

Cortney Smith said...

Oh my! I love your pictures! Your so creative! Tula is getting so big!

Nakita Ellis said...

It's funny how similar she and Reese are (love of toothpaste, oatmeal, and shoes). That is cute that she likes you to read her so many books. Reese likes me to start so many books, but we don't typically make it very far through any of them before she is off.

Bandley Family said...

whit its crazy tula and kenley love the same stuff bra's flowers shoes books and is that make up she is holding!!! kenley tries to eat our toothpaste but hates to have her teeth brushed go figure! so cute aren't they fun. they need to play.

Coryn said...

I think it's hilarious that she has an obsession with bras.