Went on a Sunday walk. 

Her favorite place to be is on daddy's shoulders.
My favorite place, is close to her skin for easy kissing access. 
His favorite thing! 


[Morgan] said...

tula looks more grown up in your last two posts..... like a kid face instead of a baby one.... she's a doll!

Prina Family said...

Oh my that last post at the cabin! Tula is so cute! The boots! haha

Treble Clef ♪ said...

Bill used to do that throwing thing all the time with our girls. It used to scare me, but with each one I relaxed more. Babies LOVE it!

katie said...

Looks like Chris and Adam have something in common. He LOVES to throw Jonathan in the air, much to my displeasure.:) Hope everything is going well for you!